Child carriers

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Bicycle needs vary for babies, toddlers and those just learning to pedal. Come with your child and try these out on one of our rental bikes. Or bring your own bike over for an installation.

Wheeled Child Seats


  • The Weehoo iGo bicycle trailer to meet every family's needs.

  • Engages children in pedaling.

  • Children are safely secured to the iGo.

  • Adjustable for most children ages 2-9.

  • Tons of storage in seat and over rear wheel.

  • Follows precisely in the path of the tow cycle.

  • Perfect for narrow paths and bike lanes.

  • Fully Removable Seat for compact storage and transportation.

  • Turn rides turned into effortless adventures. No meltdowns, no fussing. Children love the Weehoo no matter how long the rides and the destination became secondary to the adventure of riding there.

Adams Trail-a-Bike

The original folder by Adams, single speed, in black or white, good for ages 4 - 8.

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