bring your bicycle repairs to us!

In our first month of operation, we serviced several electric bikes purchased through the internet, which got us to quickly invest in tools and a mechanic. Today, we service the electric bikes we sell as well as electric bikes purchased elsewhere. 


With experienced mechanics on staff, we can offer exceptional bicycle repair. Whether it's an old dust-covered rig you want to get overhauled for riding to work, your bicycle that needs a basic tune-up, or just about anything else, simply bring your bike by and we'll get it running right again!  Recently, we rebuilt a 37 year old bike that resulted in a handwritten thank-you note from the customer. 


We've become the go-to place for discussing bike routes, adjusting brakes & gears, finding a comfortable saddle, warm gloves or a used bike. And  servicing recumbents, unicycles, kids bikes, kick scooters, mountain bikes, road bikes, cargo trailers, cargo bikes, and baby strollers.


We're thankful for the support received from our community in Philadelphia.


Tune-ups are $70, which include

  • true front & rear wheel
  • adjust front & rear brakes
  • adjust front & rear derailleurs
  • lubricate chain
  • light cleaning
  • inflate tires to correct pressure
  • basic safety inspection
  • parts not included


Flats fixed for $16 ($8 tube and $8 labor)

Child seats installed for $15

Minimum labor charge is $5 

We'll special order items like a car rack

Labor $65 hr