folding bikes

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Folding bikes are versatile.  When folded, they’re easy to take on the train or inside the car.  Opened up, they’re surprisingly agile on the road! 

At PHEW!, you’ll find folding bikes by Tern, Montague, Dahon, Origin8, & Xootr, and even Fuji.

Fuji is the newest addition to our lineup with their Origami. Tern Bicycles are the most popular, offering 20”, 24” and 26” wheeled bikes. Montague offers 26” and 700c wheeled road and mountain bikes. Dahon has been known, for decades, for their 20” commuter bikes. The Xootr Swift is assembled in Pennsylvania. 

Stop in for a test ride and you’ll discover for yourself that we have the best and largest selection of folding bikes in a 75 mile radius.

Making folding bikes for over 30 years, Dahon Bikes are what people think of when they think of folding bikes.  Tight on storage space? Can't be bothered to get the rack on the car?  These are made for daily urban use. See for yourself... 

Dahon Boardwalk S1

  • 1 speed
  • 20" wheels
  • 26.7 lbs

Special order

Dahon Briza D8

  • 7 speed
  • 16" step-over height
  • 24" wheels
  • 26.6 lbs
  • matte black

Dahon Mariner D7

  • 7 speed
  • 7005 aluminum alloy
  • color: brushed aluminum
  • 20" wheels
  • anti-rust chain
  • 26 lbs

Dahon Pop

  • 1 speed
  • 16" wheels

Dahon Vitesse i7

  • 7 speed internal hub gearing
  • 20" wheels
  • 25.9 lbs