Conversion Kits 

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Conversion kits can convert almost any bike to an electric-assist bike by adding on a motor, battery and controller. To determine if your bike can be converted to an electric bike, give us a call. You may need to bring your bike into our shop.


In general, ready-made electric bikes are less expensive than converted bikes. However, conversion kits offer you a custom bike, fitted to your riding needs, be it on a recumbent, a trike, or an easy boarding frame.  Conversions are also appropriate for tall riders, and riders weighing more than 240lbs.  We have experience converting bikes with 16", 18", 20", 24" 26", 28" and 29" wheels for various customers.


Typically in our inventory, you'll find kits by Bafang/8FUN, BionX, Currie-Tech, E-BikeKit.  


Currie Tech has been making & marketing electric bike kits for over 10 years. Their Electro-Drive is probably the single best-selling electric motor kit in the world, designed to fit the most popular bike - the 26" wheel mountain bike. Currie Electro-Drive rear motors have been used by many other brands of electric bikes.

This year Currie Tech is offering front hub motor kits with option of Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) or Li-ion batteries. All Currie Tech kits have great hill-climbing power, and takes you the distance you want.

Currie Tech IZIP-SLA24R-KIT
$449 on sale $395

  • 24V / 10A SLA
  • rack mount battery
  • 450W rear Earth Magnet Motor
  • thumb throttle
  • 26" wheel

Currie Tech IZIP-SLA24F-KIT
$699 on sale $645

  • 24V / 10A Sealed Lead Acid
  • rack mount battery
  • 250W front geared motor
  • thumb throttle
  • 26" or 700c wheel