About the PHEW! Crew

Afshin Kaighobady: owner Afshin can be found at the shop at all hours, transforming into the Sales Manager, the Purchasing guy, the Carpenter putting up new shelving, and in a pinch, also the Bike Mechanic.

Meenal Raval: investor & muse

Meenal is often to be found on the sales floor encouraging other women to ride.  When not with customers, she switches hats between Receptionist, Finance Manager, Employee Benefits, Receiving, Sales, Blogger & Housekeeping. 

Harvey Pitkappasi: seasoned mechanic

Harvey can be found at PHEW! on his days off from his full-time job, bringing a passion in restoring old bikes and a curiousity about e-bikes.  We save the tricky repairs for Harvey.

Past crew members

Zachary Powers: electric bike mechanic 

Zachary brought an intuitive understanding of electronics and relished diagnosing issues with electric bikes. 

Chris Switky: mechanic 

The neighborhood has known Chris from his many years at Weavers Way Food Co-op.  Chris brought order to the mayhem in our showroom and is also a bike mechanic.  If you've come to test ride an electric bike, you've probably ridden with Chris.

Jim Thomas