About Philly Electric Wheels: Our Crew

Afshin Kaighobady: store founder and owner

Afshin can be found at the shop at all hours, transforming into the sales manager, the purchasing guy, the carpenter putting up new shelving, and in a pinch, also the mechanic.


Meenal Raval: investor and muse

Meenal is often to be found on the sales floor encouraging other women to ride.


Harvey Pitkappasi: seasoned mechanic

Harvey can be found at PHEW on his days off from his full-time job at Exton Bikes, bringing a passion in restoring old bikes and a curiousity about e-bikes.  We save the tricky repairs for Harvey.


Zachary Powers: electric bike mechanic 

Zachary brings an intuitive understanding of electronics and relishes diagnosing issues with electric bikes. 

Chris Switky: mechanic 

The neighborhood know Chris from his 21 year stint at Weavers Way Co-op.  Chris brings order to the mayhem in our showroom and is also a mechanic.  If you're coming to test ride an electric bike, it'll probably be a ride with Chris.